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Bushtracks Best: Frederique Wagener, Finance Department
04 Jul 2018


As we say a sad goodbye to our Group Commercial Manager for Zimbabwe, Neville Hattingh, we welcome a new member to our finance team: Frederique Wagener.

Frederique has recently joined the Bushtracks Africa team, part of his responsibilities will be dealing with finance in Zimbabwe, as well as accounts and finance in our central Johannesburg office. All emails concerning finance in Zimbabwe may be sent to

We are very excited and pleased to welcome Frederique to the team and look forward to many years working with him!

"We are excited to welcome Frederique Wagener to the Finance Team. Frederique has completed his articles and is in the process of completing his professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant. He will contribute significantly to the company and we are looking forward to working with him." - Karl Geyer, Finance and Accounts

"Frederique is a lovely new energy in the office and is a pleasure to work with. We are all very happy to have him as part of the team." - Megan Conn, Digital Marketing Manager and Product Coordinator

We wish Neville the best of luck on his new journey and future endeavors, and thank him for all the great years of hard work and dedication!

"Neville was a very kind man, in personal and difficult situations he was always willing to help those who worked with him. We are sad to see him go and wish him the very best for the future." - Simon Teede, General Manager of Zimbabwe

"We are very sad to say goodbye to Neville Hattingh who joined us over 10 years ago to head up the Zambian Accounting Department. As time marched on and with the rapid expansion within the group into Botswana and Zimbabwe, Neville based himself in Victoira Falls and headed up the Zimbabwe and Botswana account departments travelling frequently across borders. We are very sad to see Neville go and wish him all the best in his future endevaours back in his home town of Bulawayo." - Christopher Tett, Managing Director of Bushtracks Africa


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