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Camping vs Glamping with Bushtracks Africa
09 Jan 2017


The African sun is blazing in the sky, hot rays pounding the back of your neck. An inquisitive fly (determined to seek refuge from the heat inside your nostril) bobs up and down to an incessant buzz, while you frantically try to assemble a mirage of poles and pegs into something that resembles a tent. The tarpaulin is stiff and rough to the touch. Something tickles your ankle. Peering down, you discover a parade of biting fire ants have come to spectate your demise. However, the traumatic episode is always worth it, because what follows is a tranquil night surrounded by Africa’s natural wonders.

Bushtracks Africa have eliminated the unnecessary stress that accompanies many camping trips, while maintaining the authenticity of your African experience. Forgo the itchy red mosquito bites and sand coated snacks. Let us take you on a glamping adventure.

Our camping destinations are designed to exist in harmony with nature, utilizing organic elements and fusing the natural landscape with luxury amenities. Nestled in the Okavango Delta, Abu Camp ( is an oasis amidst harsh natural conditions. The high ceilings invite a cooling breeze, and the wooden decks blend in seamlessly with the natural environment. Gone are the days of squinting painfully at a page, illuminated by a blinding LED light that is a African bug magnet more than anything. Abu is home to an abundance of African literacy that can be explored in the on-site library that celebrates the natural exuberance of the delta with its decorative natural artifacts.

Soaking up the sun and getting a golden glow is always a favourite past time for campers. However, after a few hours in dry heat skin starts to prickle in anticipation of moisture. When camping, the packed bottled water is strictly for drinking purposes, and the only way to cool down was with a frenzied dash to the edge of the Zambezi to splash luke warm water onto your neck. On the banks of the Zambezi River at the Lower end of the Lower Zambezi National Park lies Anabezi Luxury Tented Camp (, where guests can relax in the swimming pool while hippos frolic in the river. This camp is a tented escape from reality in prime location on the water’s edge of the might Zambezi.

Meal times on camping trips are always entertaining. They usually involve a rusted wire contraption balanced precariously over plumes of billowing black wood smoke. Charred bits of meat are poked with a long stick, usually wrestled off a nearby tree. Stale and crumbling bread rolls are slathered in melted butter, and warm salad lies limp and defeated at the bottom of an old ice cream container. There are always at least a dozen bags of crisps or biltong lying around to fill the growling stomachs. The menus at Sanctuary Stanley's Camp (, located on a vast private concession bordering the Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, are laden with divine cuisine. Expect three hearty meals a day, prepared to perfection. Let Dad and his wooden stick sit back, and feast on meals prepared by the Stanley Camp chefs. The ice never melts, the wine is served in glasses, and the plates do not have to be rinsed in river water.

Then an all-time favourite is the nightlife of a camper. Listen to the wild, as there is a thin lining between you and the undomesticated outside. Under canvas in a remote private concession within the Linyanti area, Saile Tented Camp ( offers a down to earth adventure. With unique wildlife sightings, your senses will heighten and take you back to the original days of safari in a tent.

Bushtracks Africa offer a redefined landscape of camping, showcasing tented talents in an unspoiled Africa. Our luxury banquet of glamping accommodation choices that house impeccable service will make your journey into the bush unforgettable.


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