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Highlights of a Bushtracks Signature River Safari
15 Aug 2023


Bushtracks offers a variety of signature activities for those visiting the Victoria Falls region. One of our most popular activities are our sunset River Safaris, which are available in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

Guests climb aboard one of our vessels at the jetty site, embarking on a relaxing cruise on the majestic Zambezi River. A unique part of this particular cruise is that our boats turn right, allowing us to navigate the shallow waters right above the Victoria Falls - an area which no other boat on the river can reach.

On board refreshing drinks are served to sip on while marvelling at the colourful rainbows shimmering in the spray of the Falls. Snacks are also available to nibble on while basking in the tranquility of the river and it's natural surrounds.

Apart from the magnificent views above the mighty Falls, hippos are frequently spotted lazily wallowing in the river, and on occasion elephants can be seen swimming across to graze on the lush foliage along the shores.

Keen birders would particularly enjoy this activity as a variety of unusual African bird life can be easily spotted along the riverbank. After meandering downstream, the boats return back upstream, while the spectacular sunset casts a warm glow over this picturesque scene.

Our cruises are available in both Classic and Premium options. Those on board our premium vessel, The Victoria, will enjoy premium beverages, luxurious decor and even fresh sushi.

This activity can also be adjusted to accommodate sunrise cruises.


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