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Introducing: The Victoria
09 Apr 2019


This week sees the launch of the third addition to the Bushtracks River Safaris fleet of vessels – “The Victoria”, which is the first upmarket cruise product of it’s kind in both Victoria Falls and Livingstone. The vessel, which can take a maximum of 20 passengers, is able to access the lower part of the Zambezi river and the body of islands that form the entrance to the Victoria Falls – a section of the river that competitor cruises are unable to access due to shallow waters and proximity to the mighty waterfall.

During the two-and-a-half hour cruise, guests glide downstream towards The Smoke That Thunders, whilst lounging in comfort. A chef from the Victoria Falls Hotel prepares sushi and other gourmet canapés, whilst our on-board hosts & barmen serve premium beverages to enjoy whilst observing the rich birding and game viewing opportunities that are prolific underneath the magical spray.

The Victoria bears the mark of exclusivity when it comes to river cruises in the region - it is jet propelled and specially designed to safely navigate the shallow waters just above the Falls.

This is a luxurious experience like no other - a romantic meander through one of the most historical sections on the Zambezi river. Elephants are frequently seen crossing this section of the river on the same route that David Livingstone took when he first discovered, and named, this phenomenal waterfall.

Bushtracks Africa is privileged to have had both the boat and it’s Captain blessed by a Sangoma – a local traditional healer or ‘witch doctor’, that is widely revered by the local people along the Zambezi River. It’s important to Bushtracks Africa to ensure it’s products are in line with local customs and traditions, and it is with great pride that the boat carries a constant reminder of the blessings on board by way of a small box containing the tip of a warthog tusk, found by the Sangoma himself, which he has dedicated to the perpetual wellbeing of “The Victoria” and all of it’s passengers and crew.

The aim of ‘The Victoria’ as a river cruise product is to create the finest cruise experience on the upper Zambezi River. Bushtracks Africa and The Victoria Falls Hotel have put their reputations forward to ensure The Victoria meets this standard. Get in touch with us today to book the most unique river cruise experience available in the region.


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