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Join us to help Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe support vulnerable babies and mums.
21 Dec 2021


Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe is a Victoria Falls based trust that supports vulnerable mothers and babies. They work at a grassroots level to help mothers in need at Victoria Falls Hospital and others who have nothing at all. The nurses do an assessment and, when necessary, let the Mummy's Angels team know when they have mothers in need. Members of the small volunteer team oversee all deliveries, ensuring the items get to the intended recipient. Many of the recipients are teenagers and most come from the rural areas outside of Victoria Falls town.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourist numbers fell dramatically in Victoria Falls, seriously impacting local economy. This has increased the difficulties that Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe is seeing on the ground as families struggle to survive. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact on maternal care and on the donations they are able to receive.

Bushtracks Africa invites you to team up with us to help make a difference!

In situations where babies are unable to be breastfed, Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe commits to providing formula for their first year of life. Sadly, in Zimbabwe, this is normally due to maternal death or, on occasion, a medical condition such as late stage breast cancer. Mummy's Angels are currently supporting 22 babies with formula each month and are appealing for assistance to buy 22 large tins—enough for a month of vital life-giving formula.

  • Infant Formula. 22 x 1.8kg ($16 per large tin) $352

For anyone travelling who may wish to bring an extra bag with donations, other items on Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe wish list are:

  • New or gently used cloth nappies for the babies and reusable sanitary wear for the mums.

  • Any gently pre-loved baby and toddler clothing, blankets, and toys.

  • Any gently used women's clothing items- an old pair of slippers or a nice blouse can make a world of difference to a vulnerable new mum with very little.

Please consider donating towards any of the above. Without their donors and supporters, Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe would not be able to serve the community. Together we can make a difference in Victoria Falls and beyond!


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