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Lucky Ndlovu's road to recovery
06 Dec 2021


Thank you to our friends, family, and travel community! Bushtracks Africa is thrilled to announce we reached our fundraising goal to assist Lucky Ndlovu and his surgery was a success!

An integral part of the Bushtracks family, Lucky Ndlovu, was involved in a hit-and-run accident last year. The devastating incident left him with a fractured femur and a dislocated hip. He was rendered immobile, making it impossible for him to return to work as a driver and guide to support his family of four. Lucky handled the incident with courage and grace and, in a show of his work ethic, took on the position of guard for our office while on crutches.

Bushtracks Africa made an appeal to raise the funds needed for his hip replacement and the associated 6 week recovery time. Due to the generosity of all who donated, he was recently able to have the operation, which went incredibly well. Scans show just how severe his injury was and how bravely he battled the pain he was in. We are over the moon and are looking forward to having him pain-free and fully recovered soon. We couldn't have done it without you. Lucky's contagious smile, vast knowledge, and warm nature will once again be shared with guests.

Lucky and his family are overjoyed that this was possible. He is currently completing his rehabilitation and is looking forward to once again showing visitors the beautiful sights of Victoria Falls.


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