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There is no wilder night than a night in the wild
09 Jan 2017


Sandibe Safari Lodge, Delta:

There are few things more exhilarating than watching the sun slowly creep behind the horizon, pulling the golden glow out of the sky and letting the navy blue sea and its clusters of stars’ flow overhead. The night brings with it a sense of wonder, sending shivers down your spine. Under the cloak of darkness, the world seems more adventurous and the possibilities endless. This is a call to all night owls- let us lead you out of the stuffy clubs, sooth your ringing ears and show you what a wild night really is.

The rhythm of the night The rhythm of the night surpasses the monotonous thumps of club music that creeps into your mind and leaves your brain pulsing to a senseless tune. Africa’s music encompasses a cacophony of sounds, from the calls of nocturnal nightjars- the chorus’s sopranos, to the low moans of lion and cheetah, who make up the altos. This is music that feeds the soul, engulfs your heart and teaches it to pump to the drum beat that fills the still nights.

Swopping booze for binoculars There is nothing alluring about blurry vision, hazy memories and the periods of lost time that seem to accompany a night on the town. However, when the moon hangs luminous in the midnight sky, such exciting sights come into play that they will be etched into your mind’s eye long after dawn has broken. Once you have stared into beckoning eyes of the African bush baby, the sultry stares of party-goers seem dull and artificial. The hippos that swan out of the river to feed have the curves most girls can only dream about, and the elegant prance of the impala will highlight the stiff and awkward shuffle humans are prone to.

South Luangwa, Zambia:

S’mores over tots This delicious campfire treat consists of a roasted marshmallow and a sliver of chocolate sandwiched between two Marie biscuits (our version of graham crackers). The hot, swollen marshmallow should be slightly singed for that rich smokey flavour, which perfectly complements the sweet sweep of melted chocolate, with a bit of biscuity crunch to round off this heavenly experience. The only burn this will leave in your throat is if you can’t resist letting the marshmallow cool before scoffing it down. No one has ever turned down a s’more because they “had one too many in the past”.

Camp fire trumps strobe lights The blinding flashes of strobe lights have the ability to make you feel as though you have been flung into a time machine and are about to be hurled into an unexpected and probably uncomfortable situation. People and objects dance erratically in front of your eyes, and all movements appear disjointed. As the night progresses, mascara starts to slide, so when your lopsided and dishevelled friend tries to make their way towards you, the situation resembles the climax of a horror film. Abandon that unsavoury sequence of events and instead let your evening be illuminated by the warm orange glow of a friendly campfire. The comforting pops and cracks of the wood send small sparks dancing into the night, and is one of the most tranquil scenes to be a part of.

Chiawa Camp, Lower Zambezi, Zambia

The swagger limp of guys in the club seems comical in comparison to the easy gait of elephant as they manoeuvre through the veld. It is easy to see why people try to recreate the velvety spotted coat of the leopard, but nothing compares to the real deal. There is no wilder night than a night in the wild, let us prove it to you.


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