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Zambezi National Park, Zimbabwe
30 Mar 2022


On the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Zambezi National Park is located just upstream from Victoria Falls. This park features a rich interior mopane forest and grassland, as well as 40 kilometers of Zambezi River coastline. The availability of year-round water supports a diversity of wildlife and bird species. This portion of the river is breathtaking, with several islands and channels, beautiful clear waters, and sandy beaches. Staying in this park gives you the chance to enjoy a true safari experience while also giving you easy access to Victoria Falls.

The park is home to a diverse range of big mammals, including four of the "big five": elephant, lion, buffalo, and leopard. Sable antelope, eland, zebra, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck, and impala herds, as well as a variety of lesser game species, may all be seen.

The Zambezi National Park is home to over 470 different bird species, making it a top stop for birders. Many unique species call the riverine ecosystem home, including the African Finfoot, the Collared Palm-Thrush, and Pel's Fishing Owl. During the wet season, African Skimmers can be seen. From November through April, migratory birds are present. In April, the rainy season ends and some species begin to depart.

Despite the fact that it is the beginning of the dry season, it is also the peak of the high water season. The river levels have risen due to months of rain upstream, making Victoria Falls its most powerful and majestic. More than 500 million cubic meters of water per minute pour over the cliff and plunge into the narrow ravine a hundred meters below.

The Zambezi National Park area enjoys warm to hot temperatures. From April to October, it is the dry season and is full of sunny, clear weather. Many herbivores have their young in the rainy season, and this is still apparent in April, with youngsters frolicking amongst the herds and a lush green landscape. The temperatures are mild and comfortable, averaging 25 to 32 degrees Celsius throughout the day.

Activities within the park include, half-day and full-day game drives, guided walking safaris, canoe trips, and boat cruises, either with a private company from Victoria Falls or from your lodge if you are staying at one of the lovely lodges within the park.

The guided canoeing in the Zambezi uses stable, inflatable 2-man rubber canoes, which are easy to manage. Shallow rapids allow an exciting yet safe experience and are a fun way to experience the mighty Zambezi River. With luck, animals on the banks can be seen, as they are mostly unperturbed by boats or canoes, and some lovely viewing can be experienced. On a cruise, you can move amongst the islands, enjoying the river and its wildlife and watching a Zambezi sunset with complimentary drinks and snacks.


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