Matobo National Park


Matobo meaning 'bald heads' was the name chosen for the area by the great Ndebele King, Mzilikazi. He is buried in the Matobo Hills just a short distance from the park. Matobo National Park is also the site of the grave of Cecil John Rhodes. He is buried at the summit of Malindidzimu -' hill of benevolent spirits'. He referred to this hill as having a 'View of the World'. A short walk from the parking lot will lead the visitor to his grave, which is carved out of the solid granite hill and surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of massive boulders.

Matobo's weather is temperate and fair. The warmest period is from September to March. May to August is colder during the day and gets very cold in the morning. The dry season is made up of clear, sun-filled days from April to October. During the wet season, which takes place from November to March, rain tends to come in heavy afternoon showers and are often followed by sunshine. Alternately it can drizzle for days in succession. The winter and summer seasons are experienced at opposite times than in Europe and North America, and go along with the dry and wet seasons.
Health & Safety

Organized safaris to Matobo National Park are safe. Of the people you will meet, most will be tourists or staff working for the park, lodges and tour operators.

Health concerns include malaria. You can protect yourself from it by wearing mosquito deterrent (at least 20 percent DEET) and taking anti-malaria medication. There are also vaccinations you should have before you travel to Zimbabwe.  Please contact your local Travel Clinic for the latest details on vaccinations required for travel to Southern Africa.

There are always certain risks while viewing wildlife, but you will be protected from most by listening to and following the advice of your guide. 

 It is Highly recommended that comprehensive travel insurance be taken out to cover for any theft, loss and medical problems that may occur while traveling.


Getting there

Approximately 45km from Bulawayo, the Matopos can be done as a day trip, although it's recommended to stay at least one night in this beautiful area. If you don’t have transfers prearranged by your accommodation, take a taxi.  there are limited roads, however most can be accessed without the use of a 4x4.


Matobo can also be accessed by air. Your visit to Matobo NP will normally come as part of a package and not in the form of stand alone visit. Your main point of entry into Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) located near the town Victoria Falls. Domestic flights from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo are available. Alternatively you can fly to Harare International Airport (HRE) and fly or drive from there.

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