Moremi Game Reserve is situated in the central and eastern areas of the Okavango, and includes the Moremi Tongue and chief’s island, boasting one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the continent.Moremi was designated as a Game Reserve, and not a National Park, when it was created. This designation meant local people, the BaSarwa or Bushmen that lived there were allowed to stay in the reserve


The best time to travel to Moremi is the dry season and in particular from July – October is the best time to visit Moremi Game Reserve, as game viewing is at its peak. At this time seasonal pans dry up and the wildlife concentrates on the permanent water. The winter months of May - August can be surprisingly very cold at night, but pleasantly warm during the day. From October until the rains come in late November or early December, the weather can be extremely hot - both day and night.

Health & Safety

Mosquitoes are prevalent throughout the reserve and it is strongly recommended that visitors should take an anti-malarial prophylactic before, during and for four weeks after their visit, especially during the rainy season. Water for drinking should be boiled or chemically treated.


Malaria area - minimize mosquito bites by wearing light, long sleeved clothing and using effective insect repellents (containing Diethyltoluamide DEET) on exposed skin. Sleep under treated mosquito netting or ensure that the doors and windows of your accommodation are screened against mosquitoes. 

Having a fan or air-conditioner on at night will further suppress mosquito activity. Currently, the three effective anti-malaria tablets are Mefloquine (Lariam or Mefliam), Doxycycline and Malarone (Malanil).


It is still possible to contract malaria while on malaria prophylaxis. Note that Lariam may present serious side-effects - please test before you depart.

Please contact your local Travel Clinic for the latest details on vaccinations required for travel to Southern Africa, remember to mention the exact areas you will be visiting throughout your travels. 


Botswana is a very safe country to travel to and crime targeted at tourists is minimal. But, just as in most places around the world, care should be taken when walking around the towns and cities and advice should be sought before deciding to visit specific areas.


It is Highly recommended that comprehensive travel insurance be taken out to cover for any theft, loss and medical problems that may occur while traveling.

Getting there

Moremi Game Reserve is situated north of Maun and accessable from the Maun-Savute road. 


Most of Moremi is only accessible by fly-in and transfer by boat or road to a luxury camp, either on the fringes of the reserve or on Chief's Island. But there are several 'prime areas' on the edge of the Mopane Tongue as well, a dry peninsula found to the west of the reserve. This region is where land meets the Okavango's permanent waters and includes Khwai River, Xakanaxa Lagoon and Third Bridge; these destinations can be reached by 4x4 vehicle, but is not to be attempted by standard vehicle. However, the road conditions may become difficult during a heavy rainy season and the park may be closed due to this. Access by land is from either the North or the South Gate roads.
There are no shops or petrol stations in the Moremi reserve, so take enough fuel/rations for your stay within the park. The nearest grocery stores and fuel pumps are in Maun.


Charter flights are used to access the different lodges and camps using maun as the main access point, However flights are linked other major airports and different lodge/camp airstrips

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