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Elephant Art Safari Experience

An Elephant Art Safari is the first of its kind in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Bushtracks Africa had the privilege of being one of the first agents to experience this wonderful product. As described by it’s founder; this collaboration between Wild Horizons and Art of Africa is certainly one for the bucket list. As a great mid-day time-spender, it all kicks off with an 11.30 transfer to the Elephant Wallow, just a few kilometers out of town. We were welcomed with a lovely refreshment as we watched Africa’s gentle giants saunter into view. You then get a chance to interact, feed, and have a close encounter with the elephants. This allows for time to observe their characters and learn a bit about the herd and it’s history. Easels and palettes await beneath the trees and in front of the wallow, where the herd moves on from the interaction. From there the elephants are left to behave in a completely natural way, with no influence from their handlers and guides. It is a unique, spectacular advantage to see them splash and play freely so close to you. A private art tutor was provided to guide us through a painting workshop. A step-by-step painting tutorial was easy to follow, however it was equally easy to be distracted by the wallowing giants. We were lucky enough to grab their curiosity as they wandered over to us and observed us from just a couple of meters away while we painted them. The day was ended off with a buffet style lunch spread, that met many needs. We all laughed and chatted about the herd and the experience we had been so lucky to have. This is not one to miss folks! Contact us now for your booking, you won’t regret it!

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