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Art safaris heighten the intimacy of the African safari

"If a picture paints a thousand words, then there is no better way to capture the memories of an African safari than through art"

These true words were recently shared by Tourism Update and reflect the very heart behind the Elephant Art Safari and the Village Art Safari that are run by Art of Africa in Zimbabwe.

Art classes provide a fun and interactive way to connect with the environment. While the creative juices flow, the body relaxes and allows for a full celebration of the cultural and natural setting. This completely transforms and enhances the African safari experience.

Art safaris are still considered a novelty and niche experience. The experience of igniting and fulfilling cultural curiosity off of the beaten track allows for a real immersion in a culture. The Village Art Safari and Workshop also includes a traditional meal.

Whether choosing oils, watercolours, sketches, beading or finger painting, the art safari allows participants to take a piece of Africa home in the form of their art. Creativity is found in everyone, and the immersive experience encourages freedom of expression.

Bushtracks offer these intimate and holistic experiences. If you want to take part in it for yourself, email

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