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Recycling project launches in Victoria Falls

A wonderful project is being launched in Victoria Falls town, in an effort to become more eco conscious and environmentally friendly.

The Victoria Falls region is home the famous Victoria Falls, which is a part of the Zambezi River. The river is major water source for several populations further along the river. Various species and ecosystems rely on the river, as well as the land in and around Victoria Falls town. As tourism in the Victoria Falls region continues to increase, it is vital that the water sources remain uncontaminated, and the surrounding area remains unaffected by pollution.

Paper and plastic from 8 different hotels have already embarked on a recycling journey, as part of the initiative's first operation. The plastic and paper will travel to Harare, where a portion of the plastic will be used to make recycled plastic products. The rest of the plastic will then journey to be processed by a recycling plant in South Africa. The hope is that the recycling project eventually will include glass and cans, and that the reach of where the waste is sourced will expand well into the surrounding communities.

As this is the only recycling initiative in the town, there is hope that it will be a source of job creation. Members of the local community will be trained to operate the machinery, sort waste products as well as oversee and manage various parts of the project. The goal is for the operation to become completely sustainable and self sufficient.

“Around 80 per cent of waste is recyclable or compostable, so should not be going to the dumpsite at all. If we can reduce the amount of waste going to the dumpsite, and do it in a manner that creates jobs, and, also improves the environment, I believe recycling is the key,” a statement regarding the project, made by well-recognized local environmental conservationist, Charlene Hewat.

The operation, Victoria Falls Recycling, is sponsored by Africa Albida Tourism, owners of several prestigious lodges in the area. The venture has many supporters so far, with even Hwange National Park expressing keen interest in the project and the prospect of future involvement.

We at Bushtracks Africa are incredibly excited about this fantastic initiative and wish all the co-ordinators the best of luck!

Image by Lesanne Fowler

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