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Bushtracks Best: Sam Musekiwa, Operations Manager of Zimbabwe

This weeks Bushtracks Best is Sam Musekiwa, the Operations Manager in Zimbabwe.

Sam has worked at Bushtracks Africa for 5 years. He started out as an Operations Assistant, and since then he has worked his way up to the well deserved position of Operations Manager.

He is a favourite amongst clients, as well as the Bushtracks Africa team. His hard work and dedication to his job is inspirational, and his positive attitude provides a cheerful and encouraging energy to all those who encounter him.

Sam thoroughly enjoys working for Bushtracks Africa, and his love for his job makes him even more enthusiastic and pleasant. "The company's reputation is so stellar. I've seen how much they let employees pitch big ideas and let them have an active leadership role in new initiatives."

Simon Teede, the General Manager of Zimbabwe, had some lovely positive feedback about Sam:

"Sam is at the core of operations in Zimbabwe. He leads by example, always being the first in and the last out at the end of the day. I have heard him say before that "you don't stop when you are tired, you stop when you are done," Sam embodies this philosophy and has gained the respect of every member of the Bushtracks Team as a result.

Sam is calm under pressure, he never raises his voice, no problem is too big or inconvenient to solve. He does not let the stress of work bother him and as a result provides a calming presence to all in the office. As the General Manager for Zimbabwe I place a lot of trust in Sam and find his support has been crucial to the success of operations in Zimbabwe."

Some feedback from Bushtracks Africa consultants:

"You can phone him anytime of the day and he just makes things happen. He's the magic maker in Zimbabwe" - Fahrinaaz Sallie, reservations consultant at Bushtracks Africa

"Sam is amazing. He's so approachable and cheerful! Our reservations team has listed him as our "go to person" for any uncertainties and we always receive prompt & professional assistance. He is always willing to go the extra mile, both internally and for our clients. Sammy is all about great service! I personally regard him as my super hero." - Genevieve Oggen, reservations supervisor at Bushtracks Africa

Thank you so much Sam for all your hard work and positivity,it definitely doesn't go unnoticed!

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