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Bushtracks Monthly Eco Warrior: DumaTau Camp, Botswana

Bushtracks Africa Eco Warrior of the month is DumaTau Camp in the Linyati Reserve, Botswana.

DumaTau is well known for their ecotourism initiatives, and manage to offer an eco friendly experience that still remains luxurious. The entire camp is completely solar powered by a 30kW solar power system, as well as making use of energy efficient lights which keep energy consumption low. The grey water produced at the camp is treated by a sewerage treatment plant, releasing safe and clean water back into the surrounding ecosystems. Sample tests are often conducted to ensure the waste water is being correctly and safely disposed of.

DumaTau also has a Reusable Water Bottle Policy, where reusable water bottles are refilled with water that has been filtered by the lodge's very own reverse osmosis system, cutting down on plastic consumption.

On the conservation front, DumaTau has partially funded two MSc studies researching the impact of Botswana's large elephant population on vegetation and other animals in the country, in order to provide research on how to properly maintain the balance of the ecosystems of certain areas. The camp is also works with local governing bodies to ensure the conservation of wildlife in the area. They participate in research done on species on the IUCN red list.

DumaTau Camp is a member of the Long Run Alliance, and is therefore committed to sustainable tourism through the 4C's: culture, conservation, community and commerce.

Saving 47,8 tonnes of CO2 per year through their initiatives, DumaTau are on of the leaders in sustainable tourism and biodiversity conservation.

Images credit: DumaTau Camp, Wilderness Safaris

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