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Bushtracks Africa attends "Vanishing Kings II - Desert Lion Legacy" Premier

Bushtracks Africa was invited to attend the premier of a new documentary, Vanishing Kings II - Desert Lion Legacy, the sequel to Vanishing Kings - Desert Lions of the Namib.

The documentary series follows the lives of 5 male lion brothers and their prides, who were closely studied and monitored by Dr Philip Stander, the founder of Namibia's Desert Lion Conservation Project. The sequel focuses on the adult lives of the 5 brothers and conflict between lions and local tribes of the area. Lianne and Will Steenkamp worked closely with Dr Stander, documenting the everyday lives, movements and dynamics of the coalition of brothers, as well as the prides they belonged to.

The research done and data gathered over the years by monitoring these elusive lions is extremely important for the conservation of desert lions in Namibia. The documentary, which was extremely well compiled, exhibits the beauty of these lions, the complexities of their prides and highlights the issues facing desert lions through human-wildlife conflict. This documentary has played an important role in conservation efforts, resulting in many privately funded initiatives being implemented, as well as much needed government intervention.

We are very excited about the conservation ambitions of the country, especially the new legislations being put in place to appease the tensions between local communities and wildlife. Although Bushtracks Africa doesn't specialize in Namibia, we do offer Chobe Water Villas as a destination, which lies within the borders of this beautiful country.

Conservation of African wildlife and biomes is extremely important. Ecotourism is becoming a highly effective way to fund conservation efforts, maintain sustainable lodges and camps and educate members of the global community on issues facing our wildlife.

We at Bushtracks Africa sincerely commend all conservation efforts, especially those brought about and supported by members of the tourism industry. We would like to congratulate Dr Philip Stander, Will and Lianne Steenkamp, Wilderness Safaris and all others involved in this project on a successful premier, a beautiful piece of cinematography and the awareness they have created around the '"Vanishing Kings" of Namibia.

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