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Bushtracks Eco Warrior of the month: Camp Kuzuma, Botswana

This month's eco warrior of the month is Camp Kuzuma for their support of the organization Elephants Without Borders.

Camp Kuzuma is situated on the border of the Chobe National Park, Botswana, which boats the largest elephant population in southern Africa. The camp offers a safe passage and sanctuary for these elephants, as well as providing a water source that is frequently replenished. The Chobe River, situated not too far from Camp Kuzuma, also supports up to 50 000 elephants in the dry season when the water in the hinterland has dried up. Camp Kuzuma also collaborates closely with Elephants Without Borders, helping support their elephant research and tracking efforts, which is vital to the protection and survival of the species.

Elephants Without Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of elephants in Botswana. They are involved in elephant research, tracking, monitoring and establishing of home ranges, rescue operations and ensuring community co-existence between local communities and these majestic creatures.

"We use state-of-the-art technology, to monitor the movements, status and behavior of wildlife, addressing complex issues regarding wildlife ecology through research studies and sharing the results with decision makers and local communities. Sharing this information allows us to work towards securing key habitats and migratory corridors for wildlife to flourish. Our vision, to open borders for Africa’s wildlife through education and research will help ensure future generations share their lives with these great giants." - Elephants Without Borders

Research is generally conducted via collar tracking, aerial surveys and Rapid Elephant Population Assessment (REPA).

Image: Camp Kuzuma

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