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Bushtracks Best: Fahrinaaz Sallie, Reservations Consultant, South Africa

This week's Bushtracks Best is Fahrinaaz Sallie, Reservations Consultant in our Johannesburg office!

Fahrinaaz has been part of the Bushtracks Africa team for just over 2 years. She has such a joyful presence and never fails to cheer everyone up with her fantastic sense of humor and exuberance.

This is what Fahrinaaz has to say about being a part of the Bushtracks Team:

"I love being a part of something larger than me, something that makes a difference. Bushtracks offers me variety and everyday is different and challenging. I get to interact with varied groups and people, meaning I am always learning and able to push myself in areas that I feel I can expand on. My co-workers and management team are social, fun and so knowledgeable and caring. More importantly we are all a family. At the end of the day it's just a beautiful thing when career and passion meet. Thank you Bushtracks, its been an amazing 2 years and here's to many more!"

See some feedback from co workers and clients about Fahrinaaz below:

"Fahrinaaz is a great colleague to work with and she is very dedicated and hard working. She is always open to new ideas and a strong willed individual, who is fun to have as part of the team and a great asset at that. Her charisma creates a vibey and fun atmosphere. Her jokes can turn a sombre day into a bright one instantly. Keep up the good work Naaz, it is much appreciated!" - Genevieve Oggen, Reservations Supervisor

"You knew! That’s why I didn’t have time to do site inspections! I was going on a helicopter! But oooohhhhhhh – muuuuuuch better than site inspection!!!! That’s why I want to re-write the description on our website – we definitely need to sell everyone a helicopter trip!!! Thanks for organizing! It was a huge surprise – and a very good one 😊 " - Winnie Sørensen, in response to Fahrinaaz arranging her a surprise helicopter flip over the Victoria Falls, as she had a few hours spare before the rest of her party arrived

"Dear Fahrinaaz, I am so enjoying working with you!!! You are so fast and cooperative. As you know, our company's main business activity is work for a Russian market with Russian tourists. And we are also Russians, which can make difference between your and our understanding of the processes sometimes. I am so happy that working together never made problems of understanding!!! I highly appreciate your kind professional approach to our company. Thank you so much for all the detailed answers!!!" - С Уважением (Tatyana)

"YOU ROCK FAHRINAAZ! Thank you so very much for taking such terrific care of this group, triple checking, following up and going above and beyond. I realize South Africa isn’t your speciality, but you have overcome obstacles and been such a pleasure to work with. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. Truly appreciate you!" - Kiersten Liedberg

"Hi Fahrinaaz, I'm at the Joburg airport now in transit. I have at last some minutes to breathe! I wanted to thank you very much for everything. All the best and hope to work with you again in the future." - Franck Jeoffrey

"Thanks again for your attention to all the details. It’s such a relief and pleasure when you know your guests are in good hands!" - Kiersten Liedberg

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