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Bushtracks Africa is participating in the Elephant Charge this year!

Bushtracks Africa is very excited to be participating in the Elephant Charge again this year!

The event will be held on 29 September, and is focussed around raising funds for wildlife conservation in Zambia.

The Elephant Charge is an event challenging teams of cars or motorbikes to complete a demanding and adventurous course through the Zambian bush. The location of the event is kept a secret until the day before the competition. The teams then meet the next day for vehicle scrutineering and spend the night at their campsites before embarking on the race. The Elephant Charge is about covering the terrain in the shortest possible distance and there are no prizes for speed.

Where do the funds go?

Participating teams make a pledge to the conservation organizations, and every single dollar that is raised is directly distributed to the Zambian beneficiary charities as grants. The money used on the actual event is provided by charge sponsors, as well as entry fees paid by the various teams. 

The beneficiaries make grant applications every year, and are selected based on projects and programs that they have proposed. The beneficiaries are required to prepare reports on how funds are spent throughout the year, in order to monitor that the funds are being utilized correctly.

Why Sponsor?

We will be doing a special dedication all our sponsors who don't wish to remain anonymous on our website, as well as mentioning them in a social media post. This is a great way to feature your brand, and donate to a good cause at the same time. 

To support us in this cause please click here!


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