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Bushtracks Africa partners with Prospero Zambia in COVID-19 response initiative

Bushtracks Africa has recently enjoyed a successful partnership with Prospero Zambia.

In July of 2020, Bushtracks Africa entered into a partnership with Prospero Zambia, the investment arm of UK Aid that deals with private sector projects in Zambia, in order to support the Zambian Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 response initiative. The objective of the project was to repurpose underutilized tourism assets, as well as create continued income opportunities for Bushtracks Africa staff, as well as other subcontractor staff within the region. By utilising funding from Prospero Ltd, we at Bushtracks have been able to drive this initiative over the past months, and have enjoyed an extremely successful partnership with all involved.

Bushtracks was able to provide transport for the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 response team by making use of our transport vehicles, which were paired with our team of skilled drivers and accompanying staff. A total of 9 vehicles were provided by Bushtracks Africa, and over 32 000 kilometers were completed as part of the initiative, whilst providing transport to DMO staff involved in the provision and distribution of PPE, enforcement of safety protocols, sample deliveries and contact tracing. We also provided logistical backup and GPS tracking for the COVID-19 response initiative. This has had a significant and beneficial impact in the response to the pandemic in and around the Livingstone area.

We are incredibly thrilled to have been a part of this project, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for the successful completion of a very important and beneficial project that highlights the possibilities of well managed Public/Private partnerships.


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