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Bushtracks Africa partners with Prospero Zambia to assist in COVID-19 response

Bushtracks Africa recently partnered with Prospero Ltd to support to Zambian Ministry of Health's COVID-19 response initiative.

Prospero Ltd is the Zambian development arm established by UK AID which provides funds and creates initiatives to help mitigate the spread of COVID 19 within Zambia. Together with Prospero Ltd, we at Bushtracks Africa are able to provide transport to the Ministry of Health's response team.

We have been able to supply the initiative with four of our own vehicles, paired with Bushtracks registered drivers and accompanying staff, as well as two vehicles and staff from two Small/Medium Enterprises (SME) in the area. In the first month, we have covered a total of 3168km providing transport for DMO staff involved in provision of PPE equipment, enforcement of safety protocols, sample delivery and contact tracing.

We are incredibly thrilled to be a part of this project, not only does it allow our staff members on the ground to assist with the important efforts of the Ministry, but the initiative also offers the ability to re-employ staff after a period of no tourism work in the region.


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