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Bushtracks' green-compliant lodging options now highlighted on our website

Travellers today are aware that the choices they make can directly have positive (or negative) impacts on conservation and communities. In Africa in particular, tourism plays a valuable role in sustainability, development and livelihoods. Tourism provides visitors with a wonderful chance to invest in Africa's diverse local communities, promote conservation programs, and create jobs for women and youth.

With this in mind, Bushtracks' green-compliant lodging options are now highlighted on our website to help travellers choose sustainable options. We have gone through our accommodation selection and highlighted those that meet with the Bushtracks principles for sustainable travel. These are organisations we are particularly proud to support and that integrate sustainable travel into their ethos. The goal of the program is to make individuals more conscious of what their travel supports beyond what is immediately visible.

When seeing our green compliant icon under a lodging choice, you can then click for further information on how the particular lodging supports each of three meaningful and symbiotic pillars: conservation, community, and the environment. Under each, there are specific details on exactly how the camp you have selected provides support, so that you can be confident in your choice.

We hope this will assist our clients in appreciating the positive change their journey has on the environment and people of the area they travel to. Every time a guest visits one of these camps, they also support them in their efforts to provide a real and lasting result.

You can read more about our Green Compliant Lodging options here.


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