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Bushtracks Surfs with Gentle Giants

Bushtracks Classic River Safari offers the chance to see beautiful sights few will ever get to see, as they navigate the scenic and fast-flowing waters of the Zambezi River just above Victoria Falls. Getting so close to the waterfall is made possible by specially designed jet-propelled boats and skilled boat captains with superb knowledge of local currents and conditions.

In late May, guests aboard the River Safari had a wildlife encounter that encapsulates the unique experience. They viewed a large bull elephant crossing the Zambezi between the islands just 800 metres above the 110-metre drop of Victoria Falls. The sighting highlighted the strength and beauty of both the river’s current and the elephant’s power. Staying at a respectful distance Captain, Misheck skilfully manoeuvred against the current to maintain his position and allow the best viewing.

The elephant's body pushing against the current created a bow wave - with his tusks breaking the crest as he moved forward with incredible power. At times as he negotiated the uneven ground beneath the water it covered his eyes yet he was relaxed, taking time to playfully lower his head and drink from the Zambezi.

The shallow waters and islands directly above the Falls that are visited on the Bushtracks Classic River Safari are an area of great beauty. Birdlife thrives here and hippo, crocodile or elephant may be seen. In fact, it was when describing this area on his approach to the Victoria Falls that Livingstone wrote "The whole scene was extremely beautiful; the banks and islands dotted over the river are adorned with sylvan vegetation of great variety of colour and form…no one can imagine the beauty of the view from any thing witnessed in England. It had never been seen before by European eyes; but scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight."

Megan Jeans - Bushtracks


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