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Countrywide Zimbabwean “One-Stop-Border-Post” Project in the Pipeline

As reported by the Chronicle newspaper in Zimbabwe, the Research and Consumer Affairs director in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Zimbabwe, Mrs Constance Zhanje has confirmed that the country has started to roll out plans for the “One Stop Border Post” concept, which will see border procedures for travellers to all ports of entry be centralized to one location, where officials from both bordering countries will conduct immigration affairs in one building, thus enabling a ‘one stop’ border post which will streamline and speed up passage of travellers travelling into and out of Zimbabwe. The minister said the country as started to engage with Zambia on the project, after a successful pilot project was launched at Chirundu border post. This will eventually roll out to all ports of entry. This is great news for the region, as this will make cross border passage much easier, and more efficient for visitors from around the world. Image & Original article:


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