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Elephant Charge 2018 to be held in September!

The Elephant Charge is an event that is held annually to raise funds for conservation in Zambia.

The event challenges teams of cars or motorbikes to complete a grueling trip through Zambia. The route is different every year and kept secret until the day before the competition in order to keep the event challenging and exciting.

In the ten years since the Elephant Charge began, the event has raised over $640 000 dollars, which has been distributed to conservation organizations operating all over the country. The Elephant Charge is strongly believes in conservation through education, and the teams who enter pass on ALL proceeds of money raised to relevant organizations.

Funds are raised by means of sponsors, and Bushtracks Africa is delighted to be participating in the Elephant Charge event again this year, in order to raise money for an important cause close that is close to our hearts.

The event will be held on 29 September 2018.

Keep and eye on our social media and Bushtracks Banters for more on the Elephant Charge.


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