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Horsin' Around (Africa) never looked so good!

Riding safaris are a thrilling way to see Africa's breathtaking beauty and wildlife. There's nothing quite like cantering behind a graceful giraffe or riding among the zebra and wildebeest migration in Botswana. Horse safaris are an excellent choice for your first trip after Covid-19. Remote wilderness regions and small group sizes, combined with strong health and safety requirements, ensure that you have a safe yet thrilling and exclusive vacation in Africa.

A day spent in the saddle, cantering across jaw-dropping landscapes and breathing in Africa’s wonderfully clean air leaves you energised. Take in the atmosphere and get up close and personal with nature. With our skilled and competent recommended partners at the helm, these rides bring you into the most game-rich areas of Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Whether you want some casual trail riding, a full horseback trip, or a different viewpoint on Africa's wildlife, there are lots of possibilities for riders of all abilities. Casual riders can partake in day rides from two wilderness gateways: Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Maun in Botswana. Exhilarating safaris await experienced riders, who can gallop alongside plains wildlife or discreetly approach elephants and buffalo.

Because your form is hidden by the form and movement of a horse, you can get closer to the wildlife on both beginner and experienced rides than you could if you were in a vehicle or walking. At close quarters, many species, including zebras and other grazers, are unconcerned about horses.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment, choose a safari that is appropriate for your level of experience. Give us an honest assessment of your riding skill, and we'll match you with the most appropriate riding safari.

Zambezi Horse Trails, Zimbabwe.

Zambezi Horse Trails, Zimbabwe.

Zambezi Horse Trails is based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Visit one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders and enjoy amazing wildife encounters on nearby horse trails. The Victoria Falls National Park is home to elephants, buffalo, a variety of antelope species, warthogs, vervet monkeys, and baboons.

Alison Baker, the founder of Zambezi Horse Trails, has handpicked and trained all of the horses since 1988. They are still a small, family-run company that places a premium on pairing horses and riders. Each small group (minimum 2 and maximum 8 individuals)is assigned a licensed guide and an experienced back-up rider. Rides take you from the beautiful Zambezi River, which has the Victoria Falls' soaring spray as a backdrop, through rugged mopane woods and old Kalahari sand dunes with teak trees. The expert guides of Zambezi Horse Trails have extensive knowledge of the area's environment and a strong passion for sharing it.

Beginner rides on calm and steady horses take place in the cool early morning or late afternoon. They are 2 hours long and cover a short distance through a game-rich area. If a trot or canter is possible, it will be determined by the riders' skill levels. On full-day options, experienced riders enjoy refreshments to start, a picnic lunch en-route, and snacks and drinks at the end. Multi-day treks last 2 to 8 days with 4 to 6 hours in the saddle each day and cover a larger area than the National Park.

Skilled guides, exceptional horses, beautiful surroundings, and abundant wildlife make for a memorable safari experience.

Simalaha Horse Safaris, Zambia.

Simalaha Horse Safaris, Zambia.

The Simalaha Community Conservancy is an African wilderness on the banks of the Zambezi River, where wildlife and humans coexist. The community, which benefits directly from this operation, offers rides that mix wildlife and cultural experiences. Galloping through the golden savanna with wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, and other animals is an amazing experience. Guests can meet the villagers who herd their cattle alongside the wildlife and migrate with the water levels of the Zambezi River. Simalaha Horse Safaris has access to a range of riding landscapes, from large open plains to mopane and acacia woodlands.

The custom-built tented camp provides guests with luxury and style while minimizing environmental impact. The camp can accommodate up to 8 people in 4 tents. Each raised tent has a front veranda with seating and views of the grassy plains and an ensuite open air bathroom. Solar power provides both water and electricity in this fully sustainable and environmentally friendly camp.

A fantastic journey on the Zambezi Floodplains is guaranteed thanks to well-trained horses, luxurious accommodation in the wilderness, experienced guides, and the intimate camp size.

Ride Botswana, Botswana.

Ride Botswana, Botswana.

A horseback safari in Botswana has to be the perfect riding safari. It offers abundant game, knowledgeable guides, and well-trained, attentive horses, all set in a breathtaking environment.

With their eldest daughter Kirsty, David and Robyn Foot own and run Ride Botswana. They all share a penchant for exploring Africa's most remote locations by horseback. With over three decades of experience, David is one of Africa's most seasoned equestrian guides, and he leads the majority of the trips himself.

Ride Botswana offers horseback riding in the wetland wilderness of the Okavango Delta, the arid salt pans of the Makgadikgadi, and along the Thamalakane River near Maun.They've designed a range of horse safaris to suit all kinds of riders, from experienced to complete beginners. Not only will you be able to see a variety of regions, but you will also be able to go on day rides in areas that are suitable for inexperienced riders, which is unique to Botswana Riding Safaris. The day rides take place in a wildlife concession near Maun that is free of dangerous game animals.

Experienced riders can go on an incredible equestrian safari through the Kalahari desert's Makgadikgadi salt pans. Guests get up close and personal with meerkats, meet the Kalahari San people, ride alongside the world's second largest migration of zebra and wildebeest, and gallop across the salt pans. Or you can take part in Okavango Delta's only mobile horseback safari. A flotilla of mokoros or a train of pack donkeys transports a lightweight mobile camp. This allows you to ride through incredible and remote landscapes.

On an equestrian safari in Botswana's remote areas, share a passion for wildlife, beautiful scenery, and African culture.


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