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Increase in Kafue game population

Wonderful news for those traveling to Busanga Plains, Kafue. Bushtracks Africa offers many desinations in this region, including Busanga Bush Camp, right in the heart of the Busanga Plains.

An aerial survey conducted over Busanga Plains in Kafue National Park has shown a significant increase in populations of various species who call the area home. The last survey was conducted in 2007, and in the ten years since, specific herds of wildlife have experienced a dramatic population increase.

In the past the region was severely affected by poaching and wildlife populations were dwindling. Since then various conservation and responsible tourism programs have been put in place in the area. There are now organizations in the region that monitor populations of different species, and provide protection to species that are at high risk of being poached.

There are 24 different species residing in Busanga Plains, and populations of Blue Wildebeest, Red Lechwe, Hartebeest and Puku have experienced huge increases since 2007. This is very exciting news and we are extremely hopeful about the programs in place in the area, and congratulate their implementors on their success.

The aerial survey and data collection was conducted by the owners of Busanga Bush Camp, Wilderness Safaris.

Images courtesy of Busanga Bush Camp.


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