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Kaza Univisa Stickers Available Again at Zim/Zam Ports of Entry

Kaza Univisa Stickers will once again be available for tourists travelling to Zimbabwe & Zambia via all ports of entry, According to Godfrey Mtare, the Kaza Country Liaison Officer for Zimbabwe. The stickers are currently being despatched to all ports of entry and will be in use as early as next week. The stickers will now be printed locally as opposed to outside the countries which will speed up the response to supply needs in the future. Zimbabwe and Zambia are both working to integrate the Kaza Univisa into their local systems and the process is expected to completed by the end of 2017. Bushtracks Africa advises using the Kaza Visa for all visitors who wish to visit both Zimbabwe and Zambia during their trip. The Kaza Uni-Visa allows for unlimited entry into both countries for a period of 30 days.


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