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New mall to open in Victoria Falls

It is expected that December 2018 will see a new mall opening in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The Sawanga Mall will have a variety of commercial, retail and entertainment options, appealing to a broad market of consumers. Construction has already begun and is estimated to create approximately 400 jobs, while the mall is expected to create 450 new jobs in operations, once open.

This is a convenient and neccesary project, as the Zimbabwean government has declared Victoria Falls the country's conferencing hub. The town has become extremely popular with all types of travelers, thanks to the new upgraded airport and many luxury holiday destinations. It also offers excellent conferencing venues, as well as unique team friendly activities, and is becoming increasingly popular for business related travel.

The construction of the new state-of-the-art international wedding venue, which is planned for the town, will also improve the conferencing capabilities of the area. The new mall is expected to enhance the tourist experience in the area, as well improving the local community. The mall will situated on the corner of Livingstone and Pioneer Roads.

"We are creating a world-class shopping experience commensurate with expected international standards at the same time, without losing the local identity,” says Steven Kapfunde, ZIMRE Property Investments (ZPI) Senior Executive

“The town offers conferencing facilities with picturesque views and surroundings close to tourism activities. For example, guests can enjoy conferencing on-board The Zambezi Explorer, which seats 30-50 people while enjoying the river views. Victoria Falls Safari Lodge also offers conferencing facilities for up to 200 people and the property boasts a waterhole for game viewing, two small breakaway rooms and an open-air amphitheatre. Victoria Falls is home to great team-bonding activities like white-water rafting, canoeing and sunset cruises.” - Mareike Pietzsch, Digital Marketing Specialist at Giltedge Africa


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