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Over $110,000.00 Raised for Local Charities by the ‘Fuch’s Elephant Charge’ -Thanks from Bushtracks!

Dear Bushtrackers A huge thank-you to our donors, supporters, racers & volunteer organizers. 2017 Elephant charaised over US$110,000. All of these funds will go directly to the charities: Lusaka National Park, Teachers Conservations Manual & Student Activity Books, Kasanka Trust, Munda Wanga Environmental Park, Conservation South Luangwa, North Luangwa Conservation Programme, Conservation Lake Tanganyika, Birdwatch Zambia, Conservation Lower Zambezi, Project Luangwa, The Kafue Trust, Zambian Carnivore Programme, Wildlife & Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia, Game Rangers International, Children in the Wilderness, The Wildlife Crime Prevent Project & Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust.

Bushtracks Africa was 11th and its team was 4th in value of pledges with a total of US$6,648! The pledges were made up from agents, suppliers, family, friends & school. The Elephant Charge is an annual event which challenges teams of cars and motorbikes to complete a gruelling course through the Zambian bush. The Charge is held to raise money for conservation in Zambia, focused on conservation through education, and in the ten years since in began, the event has raised over $741,000 which has been distributed to conservation organizations working across the country. The event is held at a different secret location each year over the course of a weekend in hottest time of the year September or October.

Bushtracks Team: Chris Tett - Driver, Victoria Evans - Long Runner, Craig Evans - Short Runner, Dan Watson - Navigator & Mechanic, Alex Lomas - Long Runner, Simon Teede - Short Runner.

Acacia International School Wildlife art competition raised K300. On the day of the Charge, the winning team is the one that completes a course of twelve checkpoints in the shortest distance possible within the allowed 8 hours. 2017 was the toughest course yet with a 100m cliff face to winch off to win in the Gauntlet! Thanks to Des Hitchins of Desmond Engineering Services who modified our 1980’s Toyota Land cruiser. Given a map and with skill and determination, each team must find their own route between the checkpoints through valleys, over ridges, across rivers and up escarpments in a trial of driving, winching, navigating and endurance.

The Bushtracks Charge vehicle on a descent in this years charge.

Putting on the sponsors & school wildlife art stickers (Thank you Saf Par, Hemmingways, Esse Clearing & Acacia International School) Huge thanks to the Supports and the Team - Jack & Christina Lomas, Victoria & Craig Evans, Gro Lomas, Dan Watson, Alex Lomas & Simon Teede you were all amazing! Thank you!!! Massive thanks also goes out to all the individuals who donated and assisted: George & Carol Eyre, Nicholas Tett, John Innes, Helen Wells, Victoria & Mark Jarvis, Cassie Ryan, Craig & Victoria Evans, Sarah and Des Sharpe, Guy Kelland, Kevin & Pauline Kinton, Ian Anderson, Ryker & Linda Lomas, David & Emma Lomas, Jack Lomas.

It would be great if you spread the word for next years charge and support us again in the 2018 Elephant Charge as this is such a worthy event. Many Thanks, Samantha Tett Director Bushtracks Africa


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