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Reminder to travel for a purpose in 2022

Today, more than ever before, travellers are aware that their travels have impacts, good or bad, that are far-reaching. With this awareness, they are seeking to travel in a purposeful, positive manner. Learning that your journey will have a positive impact on conservation and communities makes it far more fulfilling, and many find learning about these impacts life-changing. Bushtracks Africa endeavours to encourage sustainable tourism through conservation, reforestation & social responsibility, and we have our own expanding programs committed to this as part of the Bushtracks Footprint.

Tourism, in particular, plays an important role in Africa's sustainability, development, and livelihoods. Zimbabwe's communities, national parks, and conservation initiatives are in critical need of help after nearly two years of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Visitors have a fantastic opportunity to engage in Africa's unique local communities, promote conservation projects, and create jobs for women and youth through tourism.

Of course, you can choose to go as deep into your impact as you choose. All of our carefully chosen travel partners support communities through job creation and upskilling, foundations and community support initiatives, and those in wild areas protect wild spaces through their leasing of wild spaces, anti-poaching teams, reforestation projects, and many more. So just coming on a "holiday" and spending your money with these organisations will help Africa's people, places and wildlife immensely.

Bushtracks' green-compliant hotel alternatives are now listed on our website to help travellers choose sustainable options for those who want to go further. These are organizations that we are especially proud to promote and that have made sustainable travel a part of their culture. When you see our green compliant icon next to a hotel, click it to learn more about how that specific lodging supports each of three important and interdependent pillars: conservation, community, and the environment. There are specific details on how the camp you've chosen provides support, so you can feel secure in your decision.

You can also choose to provide direct support to organisations working to make a difference. One such organization we support is Mummy’s Angels Zimbabwe. Mummy's Angels is a Victoria Falls-based trust that supports vulnerable mothers and babies. You can provide monetary support or pack items such as gently used baby or women's clothing, cloth nappies, or formula that are on their wish list.


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