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Scenic Abseiling in Victoria Falls

A brand new adrenaline filled activity, Scenic Abseiling, has launched in Victoria Falls.

It has been said that this is the most scenic and exhilarating spot for abseiling in the world, as it boasts a beautiful scene of the Victoria Falls in the background, the Boiling Pot and the spectacular Victoria Falls Bridge.

Clients can choose to begin the activity by self-touring the rain forest, or by taking a free guided tour of the Falls. Guests will then receive a safety briefing at the launch site, which is hidden behind trees just next to the bridge. Clients will then be provided with a full body harness and abseil 100m to the bottom, an apron of flat rock overlooking The Boiling Pot, while enjoying the incredible view and scenic surrounds.

Once at the bottoms, clients are greeted with exclusive views of The Boiling Pot and the Falls. This unique view is only possible from this specific location, on the Zimbabwean side of the Falls. Guests have the option to explore the area once unharnessed. Photos and videos of the activity, filmed by professionals with 360 degree cameras, can be bought at an additional cost.


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