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Solar-powered anti-poaching camp to aid conservation in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority have introduced a solar powered anti-poaching reaction camp in the Mana Pools region.

Zivaru Reaction Camp has been conveniently placed in a location which offers quick access to wildlife rich national parks in the area.

“We will continue to work toward ensuring that wildlife in the country is safe from poachers. The camp is electronically linked with numerous other camps, as well as rangers on patrol. From this camp, rangers can also monitor what’s happening in the field in real time and intervene or advise if need be. Rangers on the ground can also communicate with officers at the camp whenever the need arises, for instance, if they need reinforcement or any other form of assistance in their anti-poaching endeavours. We hope to drastically reduce poaching activities with this endeavour.” - Tinashe Farawo, the Public Relationship Manager of Zimparks.

Image: Tourism Focus Zimbabwe


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