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Spirits are high as Zimbabwe's inbound tourism hits record numbers

Foreign arrivals in Zimbabwe hit a record high between December last year and February this year. This incredible tourism boost is expected to continue into next year.

The trend of visitor influx began in December when there were 1,000 daily visitors to Victoria Falls alone. The removal of police road blocks and the new political dispensation are credited as the main reasons for the increase in visitors.

The figures of inbound visitors came close to equalling the number from 1999. In addition, January and February showed best results that Zimbabwe has ever had regarding inbound tourism. The hope is that the positive tourism will continue. More resources are being sourced for alleviating the pressure on the border posts.

Ross Kennedy, Africa Albida Tourism's chief executive, says that the intention is to re-educate the international market on the wonders that can be expected from Zimbabwe. Although nothing magical can happen overnight, focus is being placed on making tourism user-friendly by improving things like connectivity, Visas and border posts.

There is also effort being made in marketing Zimbabwe as a whole, and not just focusing on Victoria Falls. The future of Zimbabwe's tourism is an exciting one.

Images: Bushtracks Archive


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