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The wet season in Central Kalahari, Botswana

The wet season in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve runs from November to March. This area of Botswana is typically known to be quite harsh and fairly arid in it's peak season, however the heavy summer rains transform this region into a beautifully luscious landscape.

Some consider the 'green season' to be the best time to visit this part of Botswana, as game viewing can be particularly rewarding at this time of year. A great spot to focus on during this period is Deception Valley - remnants of an ancient river, that hasn't flowed for thousands of years. During the summer months the pans fill with water, attracting various animals in significant numbers.

Visitors can expect to encounter large herds of springbok, gemsbok, wildebeest, hartebeest, eland and plenty of giraffes. A decent number of ostriches also make an appearance during this season. Many species of antelope and other herbivores are typically in their breeding season, which allows for excellent sightings of newborn wildlife.

The young new additions to the herds tend to attract the predators in the region, and guests should be on the lookout for the famous black-maned lions, caracals, African wild dogs, brown and spotted hyenas and even the occasional cheetah.

Birding enthusiasts will certainly not be disappointed either, as the area is flush with an abundance of migratory birds. Although this may be one of the lesser known regions of Botswana, safari-goers and can be sure of thrilling predator-prey encounters and stunning photo opportunities.


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