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Two new camps expected in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, this year!

Great Plains Conservation has recently announced that they will be opening two new camps in the Sapi Reserve region of Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, this year.

Sapi Springs Camp and Sapi Explorers Camp are due to open at the beginning of May this year. Sapi Explorers camp will lie on the banks of the Zambezi River, offering access to the river and spectacular scenery. The camp will operate from May to January 2020 for this season.

Sapi Springs Camp will be located next to the Sapi River. The camp will consist of three rooms, and will offer guests the option of sleeping outdoors on raised platforms. The outdoor beds will be covered by mosquito nets and covered by the surrounding trees. There will also be a bedroom underneath that raised platform with an ensuite bathroom. This camp will operate from May to November for this season.


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