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Under one Botswana Sky announce the opening of a new camp, Mma Dinare, in Botswana

Under one Botswana Sky will open their new camp on 1 May 2018. The construction of the Mma Dinare Camp, which is adjacent to Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, began in May last year. Rra Dinare, their sister camp, became operational at the same time.

These camps are named to pay homage to the father and mother of buffaloes - named Rra Dinare and Mma Dinare respectively. Situated in the thriving NG 34 private concession of the Okavango Delta, the area teems with buffalo herds, hence the name.

Mma Dinare is similar in design to Rra Dinare, offering nine tents with 18 beds, and overlooks the Gomoti River. The plush outdoor shower and views of the river offer guests the wildlife experience that aligns the camp with four-star grading.

As both camps are located in a private concession, there are a variety of activities on offer that take advantage of the opportunities to experience that wide variety of game. These include day and night game drives and seasonal water activities.

Images: Bushtracks Archive


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