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Update on the Falls Famine Appeal

Bushtracks Africa has supported the Falls Famine Appeal, by developing and sponsoring the website.

The initiative is aimed as assisting the local community in the Victoria Falls region by providing much needed meals on a regular basis. The lack of tourism has left many without a source of income, which has left many unable to support themselves and their families.

We are thrilled that a significant amount has been raised thus far, and many families have

benefited from the drive.

Here are some statistics thus far:

In the first 25 days a total of 94 242 meals were served

The highest number of children fed in a day was 4 878

Over half of the children of school going age in Victoria Falls benefit from the scheme

We are extremely grateful to all have have supported the cause and would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support.

Any support at all is greatly appreciated!


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