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Various mokoro activities are suspended due to low water levels in the Delta

Low water levels in the Okavango Delta has caused various camps to suspend mokoro activities. Rains have arrived later this year and with September and October being hotter than normal, Botswana's water supplies are not as bountiful as usual.

The water supply in the Delta is sourced from rainfall in the Angolan highlands and is replenished by local rainfall during the summer season. The lack of the latter has resulted in lagoons and waterways reducing in size - specifically affecting the prime mokoro areas.

Water-based activities are currently limited at all Wilderness Safaris' camps in the area. This pause can be expected to remain for the next three to four months. Some camps that have suspended all boating and mokoro excursions include Seba Camp, Abu Camp and Jao Concession. Only Xigera Camp and Qorokwe Camp offer the mokoro excursions. In addition, Kwando Safaris have also suspended all mokoro activities at Kwara and Little Kwara camps. Kings Pool Luxury Camp is no longer offering a barge at the current time. All boating and mokoro activities are still on offer in the Vumbura Concession.

The lack of water has also had a negative effect on the animals where the water shortage is causing a stressful environment. Hippos in particular are overcrowding the remaining pools. There is hope that the country will receive some rain over the next few months. But in the meantime, suspending the mokoro activities should also reduce unnecessary pressure on the animals.

Images: Bushtracks Archive


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