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Victoria Falls; the ultimate adrenaline destination.

The stunning Batoka Gorge is situated between Zimbabwe and Zambia, downstream from the Victoria Falls. Carved as the mighty Zambezi eroded deposited sandstone from between basalt that had cracked as it cooled the 110-metre deep gorge provides a beautiful backdrop for high-wire activities.

The ultimate adrenaline-filled adventures race over the water churning far below-as thrill seekers soar, zip, and plummet from dizzying heights. Options include abseiling, the gorge swing, which combines a free fall of 53m with a swing right across the gorge and back, and the 'flying fox’ cable slide across the top of the gorge. The Victoria Falls Bridge spans the gorge and offers an additional option, the bungee jump: at 111 meters, it is one of the highest jumps in the world.

Seeing the cliff face fall away from you as you race away from it is an incredible experience—far more thrilling than any roller coaster or fair ride you could ever do, and with the added bonus of extreme natural beauty surrounding you. Various packages are available that offer combinations of the various activities.


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