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World’s highest Zip Line opens in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands: Mutarazi Falls Sky Walk

Mutarazi Falls in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe is the second highest waterfall in Africa, and there is now a jaw-dropping new adventure activity that allows observers a never-before-seen perspective of this beautiful waterfall. A company called ‘Far and Wide’ in Zimbabwe has opened the ‘Mutarazi Falls Skyline and Skywalk’ which enables visitors to ‘sky-walk’ across the 762m high chasm, observing the falls head on, providing a 360 degree perspective of Zimbabwe’s highest waterfall, which has never been possible up until now. A dual 90m long zip line and cableway lie parallel overlooking the waterfall, enabling guests to fly or walk with a friend. This makes it the world’s highest Zip Line and an attraction worth visiting, all be it somewhat of a journey to get there. Accessible by road through the city of Mutare, the attraction is roughly 4 hours drive from the country’s capital Harare - this would be a fantastic addition to anyone looking to have the complete experience of Zimbabwe, and will make a great pairing with a visit to the beautiful Mana Pools National Park, or the mighty Victoria Falls. Get in touch with our reservations dept to find out how best to incorporate this new adventure into your itinerary -

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