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Zambia is announced as one of the safest countries to travel to in 2018 by US

The US Department of State has recently begun assigning every country a travel advisory level on the scale of 1-4. They have done this to help label (and communicate) the safest countries in the world.

Level 1 advises to exercise normal precautions, and the value is given based on a combined suggestion by the Global Peace Index from 2017. The Global Peace Index is a comprehensive evaluation of each country's level of militarization, domestic/international conflict levels, and societal safety and security.

By achieving a 'level 1', Zambia is acknowledged as a 'State of Peace' and ranked 'Very High' or 'High' on the Global Peace Index. This means that Zambia, home to Victoria Falls, is encouraged as tourist destination by achieving a 'High' ranking. What a great opportunity to be able to share Zambian natural beauty with the world!

Images: Bushtracks Archive


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