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Zambia plans to introduce more game into national parks

The Zambian government announced on 10 July that there was a plan in place to increase the amount of game in the country's national parks.

5 national parks in Zambia will be receiving a new populations of species such as impala, buffalo, hartebeest, zebra and even Black and White rhino. This will be fantastic for Zambian tourism as well as help replenish the areas that haven't seen such species in many years due to poaching.

Howard Sikwela, the Permanent Secretary of the Zambian Ministry of Tourism and Arts has the following to say; "The restocking of wildlife is quite an expensive exercise, but we just have to do it to improve the animal population in our national parks, which will in turn boost tourism in the nation."

We are very excited for the new species to be introduced into these beautiful national parks and to see the wildlife of Zambia flourish again.


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