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Tourism in Zimbabwe and Zambia take a progressive step towards elephant conservation

Various tourism activity providers in Zambia and Zimbabwe are removing elephant rides from their itinerary and replacing them with experiences focused on conservation and environmentally friendly wildlife interaction.

In Zambia, Safpar will no longer be offering elephant rides but rather focusing on the Elephant Cafe as an alternative. The three-part experience offers a speedboat transfer from Livingstone, up the Zambezi River, to the exclusive tented restaurant which is the home location to a herd of hand-reared elephants. Guests are then given the opportunity to meet the herd, and enjoy a unique dining experience.

Wild Horizons has also removed elephant rides from their itinerary as of 01 January 2018. As an alternative, they will offer an inspiring elephant conservation experience with Elephant Art Safaris.

You can book for both incredible experiences by emailing

Images: Bushtracks Archive


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